If at all it was a Glimpse of Heaven…


If at all it was a glimpse of Heaven… If at all I entered the place we call Heaven. A place to be comforted and strengthen embraced by the love of God.

If at all I entered a place we call Heaven. Surrounded by God’s greatest Glory. It left you standing in awe. Dancing in a Wonderland of total amazement.

If at all I entered a place we call heaven. With sounds of the greatest praise and thanksgiving from the depths of our being. To be reunited again with our maker in all of his goodness. Worthy of our praise.

If at all I entered a place we call Heaven to witness a joy so exuberant and free. A Radiance of light. The joys of all of God’s children laughing, dancing and singing in the presence of their most loving father throughout all of eternity.

If at all I entered Heaven it was a place I did not want to leave. But a place I visited to know my daughter is cherished, loved and free. At home alas.

A place I’ll remember and long to be. A place that has comforted and giving me strength. A place where soon I’ll be with our most high God in the room that was prepared for me.

If at all it was a glimpse of Heaven!

Written by: Nancy Richards©2018

All rights reserved®Nancy’s Chains of Hope


I thought of Psalms 46 which depicts an image for me of something grand that has been wiped away, a mere utterance of desolation, where one grieves and mourns the loss, and feels a sense of true and deep aloneness, then suddenly God appears in your stillness to whisper I am here, and wipes away your every tear. And as those tears are wiped away you see the storm that caused devastation, that merely blew the dust away. Then you awake and realize it was God revealing a treasure a gift left deep within a secret place. Perhaps a part of you that may have never been discovered if it weren’t for that storm, perhaps a deeper understanding of his love, his grace, mercy or compassion. Though these days are hard and trying, my bread of life is his word in Ephesians 3:13 somehow from this scripture, I realized that even in our tribulations, testings, and trials, even there His Glory can be known; and so as the dust blows away, and the treasure is revealed we find new life, in his glorious revelations, and we feel the warmth of the Son rising within us, to face yet another day, at the breaking of day to face another, knowing that we will not be alone but in his strength, and with his comfort. Romans 5:3, 2 Corin. 1:4, 2 Corin. 3:18. It was yesterday again in prayer as I meditated on the gift of prayer, I asked God why it hurt so much, to shed a tear, and he responded and said to me. Is it true? That is my compassion for a hurting world, the knowing of ones needs, and healings. It is my compassion that you are feeling. As I meditated on this I suddenly realized that compassion is not sorrow like sympathy, but compassion is knowing and understanding ones pain, and it is God’s compassion that empowered Christ to heal the multitudes, and so Glory to Glory let us be transformed in his likeness, that is my treasure in todays time of need. To know and behold God’s Great Compassion, for those that are hurting and in such need, and then to pray that we understand that he does truly care.


Loneliness a Wonder-filled CHRISTmas Gift

I remember writing the above description of Psalms 46 one Christmas morning, when I felt a deep sense of LONELINESS, I wasn’t quite sure what was happening. Suddenly I was inspired to read, meditate, and express my insights through Psalm 46.

This suddenly became one of my greatest Christmas presents, you see in that loneliness for the first time, that was my real Christmas. Although the tree was glamoured to fit the KING, presents, my dear children, and my loving husband once again trying to surprise me with a gift of beautiful Pearls, but I felt empty.

I realized than the emptiness was room to allow Christ to truly fill my heart with the real gift of Christmas. HIM and HIM alone can only fill that kind of emptiness, fulfill ones joy, the kind of joy that I failed once again to be able to give to my loving husband. I wasn’t ever good at receiving gifts graciously, and he tried so hard extravagantly, but he couldn’t understantd all I wanted was his presence. The same kind of presence that Christ required of me on that day, The first time I could be like one of the wise men and present Christ with a gift on HIS birthday. I gave myself to him in Psalms 46 and felt the loneliness the devastation of pure utterance, perhaps the same way our Heavenly Father longs in the loneliness for so many lost souls. In that loneliness the spirit of joy began to fill my soul, as I began to read on, I suddenly realized that when we become empty than HE can fill Us with His surprise gift, His Only Begotten SON!!!!! That is when the emptiness is filled with a genuine JOY that can Make Glad the Cities filled with HIS True Joy, to give his Son that we might have life and life more abundantly. From that day on Christmas was never the same again. How could it be.

Psalm 46 also depicts an inner healing tool that I’ve used several times in ministry, as well it is my personal favorite, and hope that like I you can also refer back to it time and time again, as the framework for my writings.

Chains of Hope©2018




Nancy’s Chains of hope

Part Two

The Experience

I stood astounded, amazed, and undone…

Upon returning home I read the excerpt written from the walk along experience shared in Part One The Experience.

It was to my amazement that this written was more than an exercise at the “Breathe Conference” in Grand Rapids, October 2017, but I was completely undone when I realized what I thought was an abstract writing sharing my experience was actually a summation of the relationship I had with my late husband. I waited for sometime now before sharing my conclusions, in hopes that with any poetic writings that you might find time to find your own correlations, and applied conclusions to yourselves personally, but since I am the author, today I get the privilege to share with you the insights of my experience, and how it was speaking to me.

My Findings left me standing in awe, completely Undone…

I was merely describing my long lasting relationship with my husband. Although at times marriages can seem old and weary, yet we are left i complacency, like them comfortable old shoes, finally broken in, but never traded in. My it took too much time breaking them in to that perfected comfort, them favorite old sneakers that never seem to fail, nor would you ever dream of replacing. A heartbreaking feeling when its time to put them aside, and finally replacing them. As any marriage it is work, it is dreadful to rid of the old, but it is refreshing to accept the new, and finally accept that change may be the inspiration that you need for a refreshing, a renewal to begin yet a new season in your life.

I was attracted to the perfectionist and the balance that He brought into my life. Not perfect in any human senses but in the natural, in the strength of accepting the good, as well as the strength to continue in the difficult seasons of life. I was the adventurous one that gave little thought but wanted to run and fly, he brought balance to my life much like the anchor of one who is flying the kite. He knew how to navigate the winds, and was gifted at applying the tension and release that would only allow the kite to reach the true potentials represented in the height. Without smothering the freedom and the joys of life that may be expressed in what appears to be the freedom of the kite waving its tail in the height of her achievements. Yet always looking down at the man who in encouraged her, protected her, and gave her the freedom to explore the desires of her own heart. Yes that “her” was me.

He called me, drew me so near to him, it was an energy that consumed me, puzzled me, but left me curious and seeking to learn, who is this man, that could cause me to love this way, want to live this way, and help me to survive and then to thrive. He definitely was the rock of our home the stability, and traditions of family dinners, the holiday togetherness that kept us all glued together.

When  we first met we talked and communicated with one another, repairing the breaches of my past, and showing me the delight and love that I had overlooked. Yet so decent and in perfect timing he taught my to love and enjoy my family all that I missed through my lives own rivers flow, he showed me the appreciation of the rhythmic waves. When all I felt was the turmoil, the push and pull, the hard work and growing pains. He revealed the fluency the good life that family brings. All the goodness that I somehow overlooked.

I remember when we were first married as our boundaries were being set. I often hollered don’t forget I. When your gonna work late, please call, remember the reason you bought them golf clubs were for you and I.

We had developed a song a dance a rhythm that was not set upon trending times, but a lasting relationship, and a joyful commitment, while we were busy during the week engaged in our own routines yet we always came together during the weekends. To reengage in family chores, and good times. I remember his gentle ways that brought me comfort, belonging and strength, it was a good reminder that he was always there like the gentle grass resting upon my legs. Always supporting, encouraging, but with wisdom drawing the line when it was solely my choice to be made.

The comfort of the hard cold winds when I was still working yet coping with the hardships of a disability. I had to learn a new life with new tolerances and limitations, and without him I could not even survive, nor live for surely I thought it was I that would die. It was than I had realized I was totally responsible for my own life, and in that I was solely alone for the very first time.

A time of reminiscing  about all that I had, all that I was, and all that I’ve become. Suddenly approaching the swans it must of been divine Remembering my husband telling me I most go on, I must not give in, there are so many I need to reach,they need my help, but I, I can not go with you I am to weak, my faith is not strong, but you must go for you’ve been called. Chris I know now yet far or near you are still routing me on. You will not let me forget my call, the life we’ve shared. The children we’ve raised, and that I must go on. Though easier said than done, you were the one that led me to God to “Breathe” and this I will remember as I carry on, all that you’ve taught me, all that you’ve helped me to become. I will always remember you in the footprints of my life. Knowing that you are still here cheering me on, every step of the way, so how can I say no, when like Christ you gave it all for me. This I will never understand, a hard concept to swallow or accept, but for you my love, I will give it my best. Trusting that God will send I where ever that may be. It is there I will remember you on that noon day You’ve been a true delight.

Written by Nancy Richards©Chains of Hope-All Rights Reserved©2018


Nancy’s Chains of Hope

                    PART ONE 

               The Experience

Welcome to Nancy’s Chains of Hope. I thought I would start my first blog off by sharing a writing from the “Breathe” Conference (Grand Rapids MI. on October of 2017).

This excerpt came from a workshop that I had participated while attending the conference. I do not recall the name of the workshop, so I will call it the walk along. Facilitated by Amy Nemecek. The intent of this workshop for me at least was to engage all five of our senses, while walking, and through observation writing about it.

I will begin by sharing the following writing that came from this exercise:

A tree aged and spotted, my is it old and weary, or is it beauty, hmmm as I began to wonder. As the barks pulled away, a beautiful clean slate of gray. Awe a new season, a new life. The beauty of oldage, what a delight.

The symmetry of the tall grass placed perfectly between to rocks. It draws me, calls me by my name. As I draw near the magnetic energy consumes me. As I find myself sitting upon the rock; I remember the cat tails from my youth, even then was it a delight. The waters-waves have always spoken to me and given me great delight. Watching the waves flow uniformly, decently, and with such a rhythm to the winds, what freedom. Blowing yet stronger. As to say here I am, don’t forget I.

In the music that causes the grasses to dance and make long songs, all in the beauty of this noon day delight. I’m the one that reveals the strength of the rock, as you may feel. My, gusts blowing longer, harder as a symphony. The music of creation, what a reminder. Memories of our own life.

Oh how I love to watch the waves roll on any noon day. As they roll about in what seems to be a busy routine in the middle of the noon day. How the sun glistens for a gentle touch; to add transcendence to the color or is it shades of expressions that the waters have to offer.

The dance that goes with the rhythms of the changing winds, set a breeze. The warmth of the sun. The soft gentleness of the grass resting against my leg. This gives me comfort, belonging and strength. A warmth that is hard to leave. And how, oh yes! Remembering the hard winds that gently soothe my neck, from sadness, distress and pain.

And now I can carry these thoughts through each moment of the day. When I need to breathe, rest and succumb to my pain. When I need to remember, forget, release or grip. It is my inner strength refreshed, while being connected to my environment created by man, God or even natures adaptation. I know my inner strength in the place that comes from the orchestra of the high and low grasses, the cat tails too. And even the silent rock.

And suddenly a clatter, a swooshing of swans that say yet don’t forget me. Encore! Encore! All these sounds orchestrated by the wind to give rhythm and order to the heartbeat of the dance as the waves continue on thru the day. So will I. Breathe and remember the moment that transpired today, this day, this moment, a glimpse if you may.

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Chains of HOPE is one of two callings inspired by Exodus 28:14. It is the second birth from Hope of HIS Glory INC. The first was named Courageous Hearts, which is a ministry of inner healing, and mentoring with a psychodynamic approach through biblical principles. Hope of HIS Glory was named approximately 20 years ago, and is called to be set on the foundation of Isaiah 42:1-12. Chains of HOPE is a summation of my personal writing memoirs, revelations, and biblical insight that applies to healing individually, relationally and at community and international levels. With a heart of passion for social justice. In 1999 I was called to teach and write. Chains of HOPE was introduced to me after attending “Breathe” a Christian Writers Conference in Grand Rapids Michigan, October 2017. The two chains are writing, and teaching to be set on a specific setting, which I believe is Hope of HIS Glory. In this year I hope to fulfill the calling that God has inspired me to write, but more than write to begin to share. So bare with me in prayer and supplication that my hope will bring you hope, and HIS Glory will reveal that God’s hope is to share HIS Glory in you. This setting is also embedded in service, and judgment. As all things shall be rightly judged by each other, and God himself, I am willing to accept this challenge. This was originated in my biblical studies from Exodus 28:14. Accountability, fair and open discussion is necessary for each one of us to pursue and answer our callings. My writings are a means for me to serve you by sharing my learned life experiences, but if it does not reveal, inspire of give hope, than I am not serving you justly, nor my calling.
So lets begin together on this day to learn, pray and grow in the Word or Jesus the man that became the Word in flesh. God Incarnate.

All Rights Reserved Nancy Richards©2018

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