Loneliness a Wonder-filled CHRISTmas Gift

Psalm 46 also depicts an inner healing tool that I’ve used several times in ministry, as well it is my personal favorite, and hope that like I you can also refer back to it time and time again, as the framework for my writings.

I remember writing the above description of Psalms 46 one Christmas morning, when I felt a deep sense of LONELINESS, I wasn’t quite sure what was happening. Suddenly I was inspired to read, meditate, and express my insights through Psalm 46.

This suddenly became one of my greatest Christmas presents, you see in that loneliness for the first time, that was my real Christmas. Although the tree was glamoured to fit the KING, presents, my dear children, and my loving husband once again trying to surprise me with a gift of beautiful Pearls, but I felt empty.

I realized than the emptiness was room to allow Christ to truly fill my heart with the real gift of Christmas. HIM and HIM alone can only fill that kind of emptiness, fulfill ones joy, the kind of joy that I failed once again to be able to give to my loving husband. I wasn’t ever good at receiving gifts graciously, and he tried so hard extravagantly, but he couldn’t understantd all I wanted was his presence. The same kind of presence that Christ required of me on that day, The first time I could be like one of the wise men and present Christ with a gift on HIS birthday. I gave myself to him in Psalms 46 and felt the loneliness the devastation of pure utterance, perhaps the same way our Heavenly Father longs in the loneliness for so many lost souls. In that loneliness the spirit of joy began to fill my soul, as I began to read on, I suddenly realized that when we become empty than HE can fill Us with His surprise gift, His Only Begotten SON!!!!! That is when the emptiness is filled with a genuine JOY that can Make Glad the Cities filled with HIS True Joy, to give his Son that we might have life and life more abundantly. From that day on Christmas was never the same again. How could it be.

Chains of Hope©2018


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