What Being Brave Looks Like: (The Once Timid Tiger-Kelly Ivey Johnson) http://kellyiveyjohnson.com/brave-looks-like-timid-tiger/

It took Courage

 In response to the above poem, timid–tiger by Kelly Ivey Johnson, posted on Five Minute  Friday Community by Christina Hubbard, on May 12 2018 I was particularly moved to write the following:

I LIKE roared out of me from the timid TIGER.

While trembling standing on Holy Ground

Shall I sit, Shall I kneel or shall I stand with lifted hands,

gates wide open, and receive the Kings loving acceptance,

as I feel my flushing cheeks,

HIS Glory breaking through,

Permitting soft gentle boulder forming tears, welling up,

freely rolling down my face.

The warmth of the fire burning in my heart.

AS I remember Jesus calling us to shore, come away with me,

eat be full.

I prepared a fish-meal for you

walk into my fathers presence,

let me give you rest from the weariness of life’s toils,

placed beneath your hardened feet.

let me wash your feet free from the dusty rejection.

Go now my friend (Ruth), my father (Abraham), My brother (John), my mother (Mary),

let your feet shed forth the mountain of beauty and shout the gospel of peace.

I am that fish, he caught my soul

May 12, 2018

Acting out of Courage

 One Saturday evening, I was on the web searching for a read, searching for something to post, when I stumbled across the previous mentioned post, I was led on a journey by the holy spirit, and penned the poem. I LIKE roared out of me from the timid TIGER. This poem was a blessing I received out of my own personal courageous acts listed as follows:

  1. For Christ in you, (the previous post) I didn’t want to come in, I promised myself I was gonna pick someone I didn’t know. My phone sensitivity picked you, or was it Gods intentional pull to break my own sense of worldly fairness. In that breaking he broke the body of my stance. To be broken takes Courage. In that breaking he broke the body of my stance. To be broken takes courage in that breaking in that Holy Place today is here. God showed me myself as a woman looking into glass to see my own heart. His working hand, his tender love, reminded me of who I was. So that I could know I see Christ image HIS glassy creation in my brokenness. It took courage to accept myself and who I am in Christ.
  2. LIKE, I did not want to use that word. But today it is undervalued. I wanted a bigger, stronger, more extravagant word. LIKE today is that word. It took courage to be obedient, to trust in God, and to do HIS Will.
  3. It is not from me but out of me. Because I wanted to explain, reason justify, but God had a surprise journey. I had no idea I would encounter. It took courage to surrender resistance, to wait on Holy Ground, to give up my means for HIS Ways. It took courage to enter in this place. Holding HIS rod of LIKE, not knowing that he had a surprise. He showed me the other half presenting his staff to comfort me. Reminding me I don’t have to be that timid little girl anymore. For when I could not grow up. My courage allowed me to grow up in Christ. I shall not fear becoming tough and rough. For his staff is here to tame me, and not shame me. It takes courage to trust that God knows what he is doing. For his rod is not to stricken or lame you but gives you the courage to humbly receive his help and provision. So that we can finish the good race of our faith. Now that’s courage gently and tenderly pressed and squeezed out of me. It takes courage to; prepare, make, and drink the new wine. It takes courage to love and accept yourself the way you are today, for who you are today. For He Knows it required Courage for me to take this walk with you.

You have a Courageously blessed day!

Thank you(Christina Hubbard) for this gift.



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