Richards, Nancy – Gracefully Truthful

The following post was a God-given opportunity. I know this because after I accepted the offer to write my story about transformation, my immediate thought was “what are you doing.” The next day the title was literally delivered to me. “You can look forward to the way God will transform you.” I walked by faith and finished writing the story. I lost contact with the invitation. I thought “oh well, this is me.” A few days later, I stumbled across the contact information and met the deadline. I specifically asked God for a prayer group to help me get through some difficulties I was going through at the time. Remembering the faithful prayer chains of my past. Once again I felt myself lifted up and walking on the prayers of the saints. I was amazed at their editorial abilities to make me look so good. When the final story came through. I couldn’t comprehend what was happening. I remember thinking this is my story how can this be happening, but my spirit knew very well it was God’s healing touch, the Holy Spirit ministering to me, and my heart open to receive Gods goodness and gracious love in the most unexpected and profound way I have ever experience. I was weeping in deep humility and gratitude, surprised my own story could give back to me a deeper awareness of God’s gracious love and healing touch. As I am writing this now, I am realizing he brought these two ministries together. Yes it is Graciously Truthful that you will encounter the Hope of HIS Glory in you. I pray that God will use this to impact you according to His good, acceptable, and perfect will, in the same grace that he has shown upon me.

Bless you all!


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