Seoung 9/11 Memorial Instagram

It was yesterday my eyes witnessed road rage, cultural differences, fighting to be acknowledged.

A nation that was focused on monetary issues. Children forgotten

People running to get more for less. Pressed for time.

Life was easy – filled with material possessions and short on precious time

A nation rid of prayer and at a loss for patriotism

A nation divided with no sense of identity

Then evil strikes expecting us to fall

But in our hearts, in our minds buried deep within

Are seeds rich in goodness that can only come from love.

Seeds that have resurfaced as we fall upon the foundations of our faith, our nation.

To reunite us again as one

The generosity and charity has been expresses as overwhelming

The greed transformed to generous giving

The time running into time sharing

Patriotism shared not just in our own nation but worldwide

Flags waving half-staff but waving nevertheless

The Pledge of Allegiance has returned to local schools

to remind us of our roots, our heritage, and the home of our hearts.

Prayers spread across the nation to help us, to strengthen us, to comfort us with

love, faith and hope

It appears to me that evil has initiated the birthing pains

That gave birth to an awakening America

An awakening people who can Pledge Allegiance to the

Flag of the United States of America

for which it stands

one nation, under God indivisible for liberty and justice for all

Who can stand together as one

to find the goodness that has exploded into our nation

To live the way we ought

Submission received in response to the tragedy of September 11, 20011

God Bless

Romans 8:28

Nancy Richards – Immunology Laboratory


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