Five Minute Friday (Hosted by Kate Motaung) Pause:

What do you remember in your own encounters with God, in your walk with Him on your faith journey?

Pause: for me is a word to be pondered over, in the past it did not come easy for me. Than it became a discipline, so much a part of me that I forgot how to not pause. In pondering over the questions of challenge when was the last time you pause to: I could not answer any of those questions. But at the end I had to smile, because the first thing that came to mind was be still and know that I am God. So this writing is not so much about when I pause at the grandeur of God’s creation, marvel over the young children at play, stop and wonder what the humming bird will do next when it looks me eye to eye, and turns away when I scream. Because today is like being in the theatre waiting with great anticipation for the curtains to raise. I think like when we pause to breathe, pause from a busy day when every muscle aches from gardening to long because we forgot to pause. I reflect on all the times God may have paused for us like when Jesus is knocking at the doors of our hearts, when God stopped the day for Joshua so he could win the war. Even on the seventh day of creation when God took a moment to pause and see that all was good. I think of worship  as we try to enter into God’s presence, but how often does God pause for us waiting for us to invite him into our place of worship. Now that is the place where we not only behold God’s glory and wonder, but its the place that Jesus invites us into the fullness of God’s presence as an adopted child of God to become his Glory, and embrace the beauty that he has embarked on in our own lives.

A Mustard Seed of Faith

Our tenacious perseverance to press through the rocky places of our lives and press through to find God’s beauty, His wonder in us, around us. To realize that Jesus is our Rock but God calls us beautiful.






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