Journey into Worship III (week I)-Gracefully Truthful Community (GT)

Join the Song (May 28, 2018 by Lesley Crawford)

Psalm 19:1-4 (*5-14-added by Chains Of Hope-NR)

Psalm 148

Romans 12:1-2

Revelations 5:11-14

HYMN:  “All creatures of our God and King”

My Response

I rose up early and saw the shades of pink breaking its entrance through my staircase blinds, Hw often I worshipped the Lord at the break of day. How blessed I was to grasp the view of his tapestry in the morning sky. Quickly I grabbed my camera to once again to catch HIS Glory stretched out through the skies, remembering the days of old as I bounced from window to window for an hour watching the beauty of God’s glorious skies. Those were the days I soaked it up. Those were the days that bared witness to the very reason I had to get up. that was the beginning of the working days that I long for and miss so much. Those were the days that I did not need a camera for I was sure every morning it would be my good will to enter in and be once again a witness of God’s glorious tapestry draped across out millennial  sky.

As I read the scriptures above. I am reminded that God himself made our hearts like a tent for the king his sun to enter in. And there will be no sin unturned, left behind as the heat rises to purify us through Christ the washing of his word, the cleansing power of his blood. Though our hearts are tried like silver in the refiners fire. Even our fears are purified as we learn the master is there. The Holy Spirit whom brings us peace like Daniel, Mesach, and Ambedigo he to is in the midst of our fiery trials, and not one hair shall be touched by the fiery trials, and not accounted for. For in the heat we get hotter to the very point the master refiner sees his very own reflection. NO not in the fire, in the silver. And that’s the breaking point of our surrender, the circumstance of our heated trials. God saying, “Ahhh!”  “My finished product his reflection in us. And as every proud artist,whom today is our Heavenly Father signs his artwork and seals his name upon our hearts his very making. The father calls to the son. The chambers are ready fit for the bride go get her my son. Jesus hears the trumpets a blasting the horns of oil and gladness are raised the wedding bells a ringing the veil has been raised its a glorious day for a new song as the King ushers out of the tents of his army those that gave themselves as a living sacrifice pressed through the threshing floors as they await the release of there king shedding abroad there hearts, passion brewing upon the race. Bringing forth salt in the earth, light into those ever so dark places. Marching in their callings proceeding forth in their gifting.  Excitement – clatter wake up wake up church for this is the day you shall be called bride. And the Army Bowed in their Procession! invites you to join with them in fellowship, bible study groups, discussion, worship, and if you need prayer their ready to support you even there. For they truly are gracefully truthful!!!



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