Five Minute Friday (Hosted by Kate Motaung) Return:


Return: Isaiah 30:15, and Joshua 3:1-4 come to mind first, and second respectively

I remember in the past I often wanted to jump ahead of God, in the pursuit of my calling, I would get a glimpse and take off, trying to build for him, labor, work or in service for him. At that time I didn’t realize nor did I have the patience to understand that all I had was a glimpse of the greater vision and plan he had for me. As Jesus spoke to his disciples I have so much more to share with you, but at this time I can not even begin to tell you. Isaiah 30:15 is a chord stricken verse given to me by a pastor, and dear friend, in it he explains his grandmother always said patience is a virtue seldom found by woman and never found by men. In Isaiah I am reminded that in returning to him I will find my salvation and rest, in this rest and quietness I will grow in my strength and confidence. In Joshua I am reminded not to jump to far ahead of God less I lose my way. Joshua reminds us to stay behind God, and not get to get lost in the hurry of the vision at hand. In this discipline I must remember and return to God often, especially when I get ahead of Him. Today it is a neccesity in order to go forward with the plans God has for me, rather than the plans I so often try to create for him.


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