Inner-Healing shared with Gracefully Truthful Worship III Day 9 (series) 6-7-2018

2 Corinthians 4:16 basically sums up Psalm 46. From a literary, personal, bio-medical, psychodynamic-inner healing approach, set in the environment of social, and cultural context. The Psalmist has exemplararily modeled a personal healing experience.

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It is my understanding that the Psalms were David’s own heartfelt prayers of anguish, desperation, grief and sorrow during times at war. As well as praise, song and a poetic dance in times of celebration, triumph and victory.

In order to bring this psalm into a literal poetic interpretation of a personal healing. I have applied other scriptures and learned experiential knowledge, specifically to this psalm.

I love bible studies, because I love to learn. Though it is important not to take scripture out of context, it is also equally important not to minimize the personal experience. I believe the depth and height of Gods love can be found individually but unless in a community we can never experience the breadth, and width. As individually unique as each one of us was created through Gods own making, and our own life experiences, we could not fathom the great knowledge and love of God without sharing. I say this because I love history, I love learning about the literal stories and facts of the bible. This I can only learn through research or by hearing the shared experiences of the bible by others. Don’t ask me the names of a King, the Cities, or tactics and strategies of war. My answer would be I don’t have a clue but let me learn with you or from you.

When I read the bible, it is all about social justice, inner healing, and relationships.

From that stanza I can share my own personal breakdown of Psalm 46

When the bible speaks of earth. I think of how man was made from the dust of the earth. When the bible speaks of Jacob, I understand that Jacob was a man that wrestled with God in his own flesh. Sometimes it takes a great inner battle to die to flesh and live in the spirit. Jacob refused to give up in wrestling with the angel, and refused to let go of the fight until God blessed him. So often we need that same inner strength, will, resilience, and tenacity of Jacob to receive our blessings, or inherit the promises of God. After the battle Jacob laid a memorial stone down. Could that stone resemble the memories of his past, did Jacob finally tire and surrender his will for Gods, his ways for Gods? As in the Psalm we had to lay down our weapons of warfare to find our rest. In that rest than, was God finally able to take control of the battle, as we like Jacob relinquished it back to the only one that can win that battle? Christ, Jesus (Christ the spirit over Jesus the Lord in Flesh [man]). As opposed to Jesus Christ, ( Christ the spirit of the Lord God, incarnate).

After Jacob laid his head on the rock, he received his blessing by saying, I shall name this place Bethel, for surely the Lord is in this place. And God delivered his inherited promise, by saying I will give you a new name, I shall call you Israel, meaning God with you in your struggles.

So than in this context Israel is a new spiritual name of the flesh man Jacob. He is now spiritually minded and not carnally minded (Romans). He can now be used of God, and be Gods blessing to and for others. Who else do we know that found rest in the storm?

On a fishing boat, did not the seas rage and roar, I imagine so if it was a great enough storm to scare or frightend experienced fisherman, whom probably have survived, navigated, and weathered many other storms. Sometimes do you think God trusts our abilities more, than we trust our own? I wonder why was Jesus sleeping, resting. The disciples had to wake him. Lord, Lord surely you will not let us die. How often like the disciples do we find our faith weak, our lives gripped in windy turmoils, filled with an anxious scream of What am I gonna do now? Where do I go from here?How am I gonna get out of this mess? Do you think that in these times the disciples were pointing us to Jesus, perhaps teaching us to pray in our very time of present trouble and need to cry out help me?

Did you know that in the storms and high winds the fish go down in the deep waters and don’t come up again until the storm ceases? Yet Jesus calls us fishers of men. Can we learn from these fish to go down deep in the word, in our prayers, in our studies and in our meditation, our place of worship.

In places of inner healing and turmoils even in enduring through a season of trials. Doesn’t it feel like our lives are collapsing like the mountains, when we hurt, grieve, watch our children making bad life choices, our loved ones suffering from sickness, and pain, long term or terminal illnesses?Doesn’t it sometimes feel like our jaws are quenching our hearts sunk in our bellies with deep moans of unspeakable, seemingly incorruptible, unexpressible pain. Wondering like the disciples Lord are we gonna die in this place. Praying like the psalmist our bodies quake and tremble. My life is crumbling like the mountains sinking within the seas. The depth of our very own beings.
Verses 4 & 5 from Psalms 46 reminds us to not let go like Jacob, one more step, one more prayer, one more try we could be near the breaking of day the breaking of the water for surely God is in every God ordained battle, or battle we hand over to him. The rivers signifies the holy spirit, the baptism. For it was the River Jordan that John baptized Jesus. The baptism, the help the strength, the light, the way will come. Grip onto your hope and God will make glad your whole being like a city to rise up shout and dance. For with God, like Jacob you have overcome. Like Israel God now dwells in you, He has made you his holy dwelling place He resides in you, surely He will help you shhhhhh hush my little baby mommys gonna buy you a rocking chair and if that rockimg chair dont work…shhh be still and know that I am God your present help in trouble for I am with you, I am in you. All things come together to work for my good. No weapon formed against you shall prosper, if I am for you who can be against you. For as a sinner I died for you, now that you are my child how much more shall I give to you. Praise God he changed our name. For we once were sinners all fallen short of His glory. None righteous in us – no not one. But today he has adopted us as we cry out Abba*daddy-father. He sends His spirit to pray for us in utterances on speakable. He calls us saved by grace, christians, disciples, sons and daughters, kings and queens. Hallelujah, its time to rejoice. But this is the time we need understanding, and community. So often when our healing has arrived suddenly we are misunderstood by friends, and family. We’ve grown, we’ve changed. Some will see and celebrate with you. Some will grow worried, maybe even angue for your change no longer fits their purpose or confusion, and instability sets in. You become confused, they become intolerant. There is an adjustment period where you need to settle into yourself and others need to reaccess, adjust and learn to accept and love the new you. This is the nations of our families the kingdoms of our cultures and societal norms that begin to rage against the change (Christ) in us. Selah!


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