Five Minute Friday Hosted by: Kate Motaung Fly

jet show training team

I can remember the first time I heard the blue angels flying over our trailer park, I had thought for sure World War III had begun. The war stories I had heard from my mother zipped through my mind, scared I quickly looked out the window. It was them its a war.

I ran out to my deck and saw them flying in formation I could not understand how there wing span had appeared to touch the edge of our trailer and our neighbors, it was as if I could reach up and touch them with my hands. I clearly saw the marking of  the planes with my bare eyes. I had no idea what was going on. Well it was an air show happening at Willow Run Airport and they were practicing. We attended the show one year, it was utterly amazing and captivating that these pilots could fly in formation, in unison the stunts they made. Than the old bombers came out and I thought they were not as fast, but they were equally amazing, if not more so, considering the advancement in technology compared to there time. It was than I realized that God’s army could perform like this in complete unison, in captivating suspense of the world around us, but the wisdom I gained there was not only the unity in dynamic performance but  if we could only all  agree on God’s will and perform in his timing. The young and old flying together. The old not with speed but with careful planning, slow in performance and the leaders of our known wisdom, along with the young at heart with such daring faith. In  that time you shall know I will pour my spirit out on all flesh and the young shall have visions, and the old shall have dreams, what an awesome day that will be when we can all answer God’s call to fly, run, or walk in God’s perfect will for the good of mankind.


5 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday Hosted by: Kate Motaung Fly

  1. I love your perspective and your call to unity among believers. I’m afraid most church bodies would not look nearly so impressive as the Blue Angels if we could be viewed in the same way. And I absolutely love the Blue Angels. Dad took us to a few shows when we were younger, but now we live in the home town of the Angels, and get to see them fly often. I have even painted them. Blessings to you, Nancy!

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    1. Thankyou Angela
      I agree we are pretty messing, but with hard work and prayer. We have in metropolian Detroit broken through some denominational lines. We began on common ground at the cross. I look forward to the day we can come together celebrating our differences, we all hold a small part of the truth and can learn from one another. If we could only accept one another with Love. I believe we are all part of the same body. We’ve only somehow managed to separate them parts in the great denominational divide. Be blessed thanks for sharing. Is Penndacola the home town of the blue angels? Im in love with that area.

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  2. Hello and great word. Yes, I’ve seen the Blue Angels in Florida and they are amazing! But I love your word and thought ~ if we could only all agree on God’s will and perform in his timing. Oh, so it is the key to a peaceful life.
    Be blessed and have a great weekend. Thanks for sharing. right next to you on FMF.

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