Five Minute Friday (Hosted by Kate Motaung) Restore:

Restore: One would think that after writing on these prompts weekly, that it would get easier, but for some reason for me it gets harder. I think on restore, and in the simplest form Ive restored the trim on my house, the grass is growing after three years of restoration and battling the geese. The garden is growing in abundance and I give thanks to God sitting amongst the marigolds, begonia’s and impatience, not to say the rose bush that is exemplifying my yard and the sudden appearance of Easter lilies. But nothing in me or in my life seems to need prayer for restoration you would think this is a time of celebration but it leaves me in a miry clay of hopelessness. I wonder why, I pray but I don’t know how, and than I am reminded I’m fifty something with no career, grown children and on my own for the first time in my life. Everything is made new. I want to run like David from this word but there is no where to hide from God than I remember last weeks prompt echoing in my head return with watch tower, and he reminds me of the verse Is 58:12. Lord you are the restorer of all things with renewed hope I need you to be the repairer of my breach, the restorer of my dwelling place for I know not where I am.


8 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday (Hosted by Kate Motaung) Restore:

  1. The expression ‘battling the geese’ is priceless, Nancy.

    I have to write ahead of time now; even a comment takes quite a while due to the pain of physically typing, but I’ve found an odd serendipity, that often my work does at least echo the keyword. This time I wrote on the healing of my heart, which I guess is a kind of restoration.

    #1 at FMF this week.

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  2. “The restorer of my dwelling place…” That’s a precious promise to hold onto during this time of God making all things new. May God bless you and hold you close. (Your neighbor at FMF.)

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