My response to: Face of Grace from Gracefully Truthful Community (6-17-2018)

Nancy Richards
Thankyou Paula,

Your story and faith walk are powerful. As I read more. I understand “how?” more. How God uses us, how he fills us, how he leaves as with uncanning answers of my grace is suffucient, for me it was because I am Sovereign. Yet embraces us in away undeniable, unforgettable leaving us with no other choice but to forge through! How, could we deny such a calling, such a savior, the lover of our very own souls. Leaving us in the depths of the sea, in the fullness of his glory, without a lonely prayer, nor a “sigh of selah,” torn between the heavens and earth. With my last breathe still I will cry out loudly with the trumpets sounding. Lord do I hear you calling in the night, if it is I send me with a loud cry likend unto a sound of the earth quaking within, the seas roaring against. But nevertheless the winds of God as my rear-guard holdimg me up until I rest



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