Five Minute Friday (hosted by Kate Motaung) Ocean:

Ocean: The Ocean is so vast and strong, powerful in its midst. The waves ride high or settle in the midst of the night, resting in those dark seasons. The oceans desire is to reach out to the shore side touching each grain of sand seeking a loving touch, reaching out for the sands cries in the heat of a hot days sun, bringing upon it a refreshing, or a playful quaint applause. The ocean and all of  its host the living creatures schooling in the depth of her very own being. Oh what a dwelling place it must be for the ferocious sharks, the sting rays, the playful dolphins, the mysterious eels, the snorkelers delight and those that seek to go deeper in its midst oh the wonders those divers must cease. The silent nights the winds blow upon it bringing in the tides with the windows open in the night, the draperies blowing in the strength of the winds. in the silence you hear the  rhythms swoooosh swoosh swooooshhhsh as it quiets you to sleep oh what a dwelling place that must be.



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