Five Minute Friday ( hosted by Kate Motaung) If:

If: the first thing that comes to mind is Logic and Algebra. Than the sedar meal and its citings. Daeyanu, meaning it is enough pertaining to: if God does it, “it is enough,” and lo- daeyanu meaning what man does, “it is not enough.” It can represent: 1 resentment if only…, 2 procrastination if and when I…, 3 a condition if… than… found so many times in the bible along with the scripture: if my people will turn from their wicked ways seek my face humble themselves and pray than I will hear their prayers and heal their land. A redo a do over, sometimes our what if’s lead to fear, a hindrance, keeps us from going forward, sometimes our hopes get reinspired or conspired, institutionalized or commanded to relive, redo in our children if only I had, if you would have, I should have. If God was there but he was… unrecognizable and thats why I say If


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