Five Minute Friday (hosted by Kate Motaung) Vacation:

Vacation: As I pondered over vacations today I soon realized that it has become an integral part of my spirituality. Remembering times of youth, Bob-lo and the Detroit Zoo were our yearly family traditions or visiting grandparents at St. Clair Shores or family in Grand Rapids. I remember being in awe of the ship the greatness the bigness, walking down canals to arise at the great St. Clair Shores, throwing stones having my grandfather trying to teach me how to skip. As a child we come unto the Lord with an innocence in our faith developing fond memories relationships but discipline a time of rest and peace. My first adventure out of the Michigan and Ohio borders being amazed at the size of the palm trees in Beverly Hills as a newlywed, yearly visits with the in-laws getting acquainted again with family, returning to work with fresh new eyes fearful of the adjustment of microscopic cell work. So many recognizable cells, fresh in sight, how I grew accustomed and didn’t notice the unnoticeable accept upon my first few weeks back at work, afraid how my evaluations may alter for better or worse trying to adjust for the fresh awareness and the common day slumber. But Maui another pleasant grandeur the only vacation where I wasn’t ready to return home, escaped in God’s creation standing in awe of it all, and oh yea lets not forget all them spiritual journeys after my daughters (second child’s) passing it was a well missed sweet delight, traveling with him alone pondering over the sites sharing my insights and his revelations like an eagle soaring to flight, an adventure like Lewis and Clark, those were the good times. Than I realized its about God’s greatness, his love for us, and the humility of returning to that child like faith, and lets not forget family restoration, isn’t that what a pleasant vacation is all about!


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