About Chains of Hope

Chains of HOPE is one of two callings inspired by Exodus 28:14. It is the second birth from Hope of HIS Glory INC. The first was named Courageous Hearts, which is a ministry of inner healing, and mentoring with a psychodynamic approach through biblical principles. Hope of HIS Glory was named approximately 20 years ago, and is called to be set on the foundation of Isaiah 42:1-12. Chains of HOPE is a summation of my personal writing memoirs, revelations, and biblical insight that applies to healing individually, relationally and at community and international levels. With a heart of passion for social justice. In 1999 I was called to teach and write. Chains of HOPE was introduced to me after attending “Breathe” a Christian Writers Conference in Grand Rapids Michigan, October 2017. The two chains are writing, and teaching to be set on a specific setting, which I believe is Hope of HIS Glory. In this year I hope to fulfill the calling that God has inspired me to write, but more than write to begin to share. So bare with me in prayer and supplication that my hope will bring you hope, and HIS Glory will reveal that God’s hope is to share HIS Glory in you. This setting is also embedded in service, and judgment. As all things shall be rightly judged by each other, and God himself, I am willing to accept this challenge. This was originated in my biblical studies from Exodus 28:14. Accountability, fair and open discussion is necessary for each one of us to pursue and answer our callings. My writings are a means for me to serve you by sharing my learned life experiences, but if it does not reveal, inspire of give hope, than I am not serving you justly, nor my calling.
So lets begin together on this day to learn, pray and grow in the Word or Jesus the man that became the Word in flesh. God Incarnate.

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  • Time: December 30, 2017 at 4:45 am